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Solar Power Worcester - Case Studies

We aim to help many homes realise the advantage of solar power, and benefit from renewable energy in Worcester, Cheltenham, Kidderminster, Hereford and surrounding areas. Please take a read through the following solar power case studies to see just how much money you could save.

  • Receive tax free, index linked payments guaranteed for 25 years
  • Returns on investment of between 8% and 12%
  • Generate your own power and help offset future energy increases
  • Solar panel arrays work in daylight and all year round, not just when the sun shines

Solar Power in Cheltenham, Kidderminster, & Hereford

Case Study 1

A south facing property with 2.2 kWp array produces around 1700kWh of electricity per year. This photovoltaic system would generate £770.00 per year from the Feed-in Tariff. The property would save around £120.00 from the electricity bills when the solar power is used in the day. A further £30.00 would be paid for the surplus energy fed back into the grid. This equates to a total annual benefit of £920.00. The total lifetime benefit of the system would be around £23000.00 Tax free.

Case Study 2

A west facing property in Worcester with a 3.0kWp PV solar array produces around 1946kWh per year. This system would generate £978.00 per year from the FiT scheme. If 50% of the electricity produced is fed back to the grid an additional 3 pence per Kw will be paid from feed in tariffs, equating to £36.00. saving from the existing energy bill would be a further £153.00 as the solar electricity is used during the day. This would give a total benefit of £1167.00 per annum. The 3kWp array would return around a 10% yield on the initial outlay and give a life time benefit (25 years) of £29,174.00 tax free.

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