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FAQ's Including MCS Worcester

Below are some frequently asked questions including information on MCS Accreditation. Please click on the question or the arrow to view the answer. If you would like more information, the please contact one of our Worcester based team on 01905 333 697, or email using our contact us form.

AES Solar systems are one of the leading MCS accredited suppliers in Worcester, Cheltenham, Kidderminster and Hereford, and will be more than happy to help.

Feed in tariffs Cheltenham & Kidderminster

Feed in Tariffs - What are they?

Feed in Tariffs are a government backed scheme ran and paid for by the electricity providers. The funding for the Feed-in payments is made up from a small portion of the electricity bills paid by each and every household. The payments are guaranteed for a period of 25 years from the date of joining the scheme. The payments are linked to the retail price index and so rise in line with this percentage. The payments are also completely TAX free.

How do I Claim?

Once an MSC certified PV solar array has been installed by a MCS certified installer a registration form is forwarded to the Distribution operator and the electricity provider as well as the installation being registered with the MCS body. All of this paperwork is handled by AES on your behalf. Once these forms have been received you will receive paperwork to confirm you are registered and payments will follow on a quarterly basis direct from your electricity provider.

What do I get paid for?

Once the electricity is produced from your array it passes through a generation meter before entering the properties electrical circuits. It is from the readings of this generation meter that the Feed-in Payments are made. Once the generated electricity is fed into the property it is free to be used. This lessens the daytime requirement for electricity to be drawn from the grid and shows as a saving on your existing electricity bills.

Finally if there is any surplus electricity generated that is not used this is fed into the main national grid and an additional payment is made for this surplus amount. To sum up; you are paid for the electricity you generate off the solar array, you save on your electricity bill as you use the solar power during the day, for surplus electricity you receive a further payment.

Is it only for domestic use?

Although the scheme is aimed at the domestic market, there is no restriction on photovoltaic solar arrays being used for business use and the feed-in tariff remains the same. For arrays over a certain size (currently 4kWp) the Feed-in tariff payments are reduced. The reduction continues incrementally the larger the array becomes. Qualifying solar arrays are 100% tax deductible and will offset your carbon emissions, lowering any carbon tax payments you may have.

Is planning permission required?

Usually full planning permission is not required for most domestic installation, although at AES we will check for each installation. If the property is listed or in a conservation area then planning will be necessary – this does not mean that solar arrays cannot be installed in such circumstances, just that consideration will have to be made with regard to appearance and surrounding impact. For business and commercial use planning is normally required. At present the planning offices usually look favourably toward renewable energy technologies.

Do Solar panels only work in the sun?

Solar panels work on daylight (solar radiation) and not just direct sunlight. The moment a solar panel is subjected to daylight an electrical current is produced. The stronger the solar radiation the better the electrical output. Solar panels are a proven technology, and proven in climates similar to ours in the UK , such as in Germany.

Do Solar arrays effect the sale price of my property?

Yes they do. We believe a property producing its own electricity and an annual income can only have a positive impact on the sale price of a building.

What does the Lifetime Benefit of an array mean?

The term Lifetime Benefit relates to the life of the guaranteed payments from the Feed-in Tariff scheme, not the working life of the array. To comply with the MCS accreditation the panels of the solar array must be guaranteed to achieve 80% of their original performance at 25 years after installation.

The solar array will continue to produce power with around a 1% reduction in performance for every year passed.

Do Solar panels only work when facing south?

Solar arrays work efficiently from and east to west orientation.

What is 'MCS' accreditation?

MCS stands for Micro Certification Scheme. They are the governing body responsible for the regulation of Small Scale Embedded Generation systems. In being MCS accredited AES Solar PV installations fully comply with the accreditation and are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff.

Will my roof take the extra weight?

A typical solar panel weighs around 14kg per M2. Most roofs will accept this extra weight, but our survey team will assess each installation and advise.

If the weight of the array is an issue we can also offer Amorphous solar panels which are around a third of the weight of standard panels.

Do solar arrays have to be roof mounted?

Solar array can be mounted at ground level as well a wall mounted and installed to flat roofs. Solar arrays can even be made to form flexible canopy roofs.

How long to solar PV arrays last?

To comply with the MCS accreditation the panels must maintain 80% of their original performance after 25 years. After which panels reduce in performance by around 1% each year.

Is there any maintenance required?

The PV panels have no moving parts and are extremely reliable. The inverters usually carry 10 year warranties.

AES Solar Systems are also able to offer various monitoring / maintenance packages for your total piece of mind.

Do you have any other queries?

If so please contact A.E.S. Solar Systems by calling 01905 333 697, or alternatively send us an enquiry using our online form. We are always on hand to help.

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