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Solar Panels

Solar Panels are an excellent way to reduce the fuel costs for your home, small business or community organisation. By investing in solar panels now, you will recoup the benefits year after year.

AES Solar Systems can provide and install a solar panel array to your premises throughout Worcester, Cheltenham, Kidderminster, Hereford and the surrounding areas.

We specialise in providing photovoltaic solar power to your home, along with financial incentive schemes such as feed in tariffs, ensuring that your investment provides maximum savings each and every year.

All team members at Worcester based, AES Solar Systems are MCS certified, fully trained and will be happy to provide information and advice about how PV solar panels will reduce your outgoings!

Renewable Energy

To enable renewable energy in your home, there is a one-off payment to install the solar panels. Once installed, your electricity provider pays you for every unit of electricity that your solar panels create plus a further payment for each unit that returns to the National Grid. You also get the benefit of free electricity during the day when your solar panels produce power.

It's easy to get started, as we will ensure that your application is processed with the National Grid, meaning you can start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy with the very minimum of fuss.

A typical return will be

between 7% and 10% of your

investment year-on-year.

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